Flower Child Reviewed in the July issue of School Library Journal!

flowerchild_coverFlower Child Reviewed in the July issue of School Library Journal!
We are really excited to have received this fantastic review from the School Library Journal and to have been chosen as their July 12th “Pick of the Day!”

Take beautiful poetry, mix it with images of active, happy children, and viewers will be captivated. Poetry written by well-known authors, but not identified on the DVD, such as Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson, is spoken mostly by children, with a little assistance from an occasional adult voice. Multiethnic kids are expertly captured playing, jumping, sleeping, smiling, dancing, twirling, and eating—all in perfect sync with the flowing language. There is the wonderful music of drums and guitars, along with the sounds of nature, adding yet another dimension to the rhythm of this offering. Words and numbers from the many short poems are often displayed artistically on the screen. There is a liquidity and flow to this DVD that will hypnotize both children and adults. It is a good fit with poetry units and creative writing assignments. These images could also be used without sound to inspire kids to write their own poetry. This DVD gives new meaning to the phrase “poetry in motion!”
– Marilyn Hersh, Hillside Elementary School, Farmington Hills, MI — School Library Journal, 7/12/2007

Booklist loves Flower Child!
Wednesday, May 24th, 2007
Booklist, the Amercian Library Association’s Monthly Magazine of Media, recently gave the Flower Child Children’s Poetry DVD a big ol’ boost of flowery love! Read it below and smile!

From opening slow-motion shots of a girl running with a large, handheld windmill, this joyous DVD draws viewers into a vibrant yet serene world of play and poetry. Loosely structured around one day, represented by the sun and a ticking clock, this consists of a montage of stills and live-action shots of diverse children delighting in play, dance, nature, food, and more. The images are reflective of classic and contemporary poems energetically voiced by both child and adult readers. The varying tempos of drumming-troupe Mecca Bodega, folk-singer Clark Jones, and nature sounds match the moods of the poetry and images. Colorful captions reinforce the poems’ key ideas. The poets, including Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson, are not identified until the conclusion of this enchanting production.
— Abby Alpert

“‘Flower Child‘ is the perfect DVD to spur your little one’s creativity. This beautiful video brings singing, dancing, and learning to a new level by pairing contemporary and classic poetry with eye-catching visuals and the musical talents of Mecca Bodega and Clark Jones.”
– Child Magazine

“Flower Child is spectacular! It’s just what I need to teach my children a love of poetry.”
– Renee Hitchins, Literacy Teacher